Common Questions

Who is Eligible for Admission?

Any child enrolled in Kindergarten through Sixth grade at Lincoln Elementary School is eligible for admission. Applications are accepted year-round, provided that the application is completed in full, and a registration or waiting list fee has been paid.

The program encourages students of all backgrounds to attend. The program does not discriminate against anyone because of race, sex, color, creed, national origin or ethnic background.

When does enrollment begin?

New enrollments in the program may take place at any time that openings occur. Slots are filled on a priority basis, first with families already enrolled in the program being eligible to increase hours of enrollment or to enroll a sibling. Second priority will be given to families as prioritized on the waiting list. Openings remaining will be advertised on this site and the school’s newsletter. The slots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Enrollment is completed when families have received a letter of acceptance from the program and have returned all the following required forms:

Waiting List Policy

A waiting list will be maintained and openings in the program will be filled first from this list. Siblings of children currently registered in the program will have first priority from the list. The list shall be prioritized according to the highest enrollment level for any one family’s child, and secondarily by the date of receipt of the application. Parents/guardians will be expected to make one binding choice concerning a level of enrollment on their application. If their preference should change, they are required to notify the Director in writing. All changes will affect placement on the waiting list, as will additional applications, dependent on the level of enrollment requested. Families accepting placement into the program from the waiting list will be expected to maintain their level of enrollment and pay the resulting tuition fees for 5 tuition payments after enrollment, before being eligible to make any enrollment changes other than withdrawal from the program.

Funding and Fees

The program is financed by monthly tuition payments. Lincoln Elementary School provides the space for the program. All program staff salaries, supplies, and other expenses are taken from tuition payments.

Tuition is calculated monthly to reflect actual program costs. The tuition calculation takes into account the cost of staff, supplies, insurance, and other program expenses divided by the program enrollment.

What are the program’s hours?

We operate from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m., Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and from early release to 6:00 on Thursday.

Is the program open during Winter and Spring break?

The program will follow the Iowa City Community School District calendar. There will be no program during winter vacation and spring break. If the start of school is delayed for any reason, the morning session of the program will not be held. If school is dismissed early for any reason or the school is deemed unsafe for students, the program will not be held. Other arrangements will need to be made for your child’s care under these circumstances.

Is the program open on Parent/Teacher conference days?

On school conference and in-service days, the program will open if there is sufficient enrollment and adequate available staff. An additional fee will be charged. There must be as least five students registered to operate on these days.

Is the program open if school is closed due to inclement weather?

The Lincoln BASP follows the ICCSD snow policy. If school is cancelled due to snow fall, the Lincoln BASP is cancelled. If there is an early release announced, then the program will not operate.

How late can I pick up my child?

Children must be picked up by a designated adult no later than 6:00 p.m. A designated adult other than parent/guardian must have written permission on file with the Director.

Does the program provide meals?

An after school snack will be provided to all children attending the program at 3 p.m. Special arrangements will be made for children attending after school events (i.e., foreign language, patrol duty) when they will be returning to the program by 4 p.m. Substitutions of the day’s snack will not be provided unless the parent or guardian has written documentation of food allergies, religious restrictions, or a written request from the child’s physician. Snack menus are posted on this website and also on the bulletin board. Records of all program-prepared snacks will be retained for at least one year.

What does my child need each day for summer camp?

Everyday at camp each child will need a sack lunch, a water bottle, and sunscreen. Outside of those things, additional required items are listed on the camp calendar on the day that the trip is taking place.

What does a day of summer camp look like?

Mondays and Fridays at camp are swimming pool days, Wednesdays are Library trip days, and Tuesdays and Thursdays are our field trip days. Field trips include Fun City, Maquoketa Caves, Lake Macbride State Park, and Wellman Roller Skating amongst many others. Check out our Summer Camp Calendar on the Documents Page to see exactly what we have planned for each day!